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Static Web Design

A static website design could be defined as web pages which are successfully stored on the server in a form i.e. sent to a client web browser. These websites are coded in Hypertext markup language and in HTML.

Simple examples which can define static website design are the forms of marketing examples of websites such as classic website, a five page website or a brochure website. These websites are pre defined and provides accurate or static information to the user. The complete information about the company and products manufactured including services, photographs, animations, audio and video data and many other essential features are added in the website.

These types of websites are famous in terms of displaying same and accurate information to all the visitors irrespective of type of client or customer. In short if you want website which is consistent and standard information for long period of time, you should choose static websites. There are also provisions of updating websites periodically if owner wants to do. It is done manually and text is edited, photos could be added. But this is possible only when owner is aware of basic website design skills or software used. All information provided in website depends on the choice of owner and no visitor can make any change.
For static websites four broad categories of software are used:

  • Text editors like Notepad or Text Edit where HTML markup and content can be varied directly within editor program.
  • WYSIWYG offline editors for example Adobe Dreamweaver can be used and site can be edited by using GUI interface and HTML markup.
  • WYSIWYG online editors used to create an online presentation which will be including web pages, widgets, intro, blogs and other important documents.
  • Last but not the least are the template based editors for example jWEB and Rapid Weaver, with the help of these user can create and upload the web pages to a web server with detailed knowledge about the HTML, can add suitable template from palette and can add pictures with using HTML code.

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